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About benefits

​Childcare support benefits

Our hospital is a ``family special treatment shop for families raising children'' whose purpose is to support families raising children and provide opportunities for family interaction.

Aichi prefecture"Hagumin Card"

Tokai three prefectures(Nagoya city"Piyoka Card"

Gifu Prefecture"Gifukko Card"

Mie Prefecture“Mie Prefecture Childcare Support Coupon”)

are also available.

In addition, a nationwide rollout will begin in April 2016.

It is now available to local governments nationwide.

If it is a affiliated store with a nationwide common logo mark,

If you have a ``Family with Children Preferential Card,'' please present it.


​🌼Bonus details🌼

By showing your card

​Elementary and junior high school students:500 yen discount

Parents with preschool children (0 to 6 years old):

Regular treatment or special menu10% discount

=Bonus example=

​Elementary school students and younger

Normal treatment

2,000 yen

​Junior high school student

3,000 yen

500 yen


Show your child-rearing family preferential card.

1,500 yen

2,500 yen

Normal treatment

Parents with preschool children (0 to under 6 years old)

6,000 yen


Show your child-rearing family preferential card.

5,400 yen

Click on the banner above about the Nagoya Future Child Support System!
Elderly traffic safety supporter

​Our hospital isElderly traffic safety supporter"have become.

★Those who are eligible for this supporter system must have the following two conditions.

① The driver's license was voluntarily returned.

"Certificate of driving history"person who has

② Actively participates in traffic safety activities or conducts exemplary activities.​"Elderly traffic safety model card(Common name: Momo Card)person who has

③Newly established from May 13, 2020

"Support car limited license"person who has

​※The owner of ①, ②, and ③ must be present at the time of reception or

By presenting it at the time of payment

​This is a system where you can receive preferential treatment.

​🌼Bonus details🌼

driving record certificateor

peach card,

Support car limited licensePlease present ​

​Normal or special treatment10% discount

=Bonus example=
Normal treatment

6,000 yen

​3 cards

With your presentation


5,400 yen

Click here if you would like to know more about the Aichi Prefectural Police Elderly Traffic Safety Supporter!


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