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Infectious disease countermeasures


We are registered as a ``Safe and Secure Facility'' in Aichi Prefecture, which is working on measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

With everyone's safety as our top priority, we are taking the following measures to prevent infection.

In-hospital measures

2) In various places in the hospitalEthanol for hand disinfection

set up

3) Regular ventilation/wearing a mask/

Enforce hand washing, gargling, and hand disinfection


At the receptionDroplet infection prevention acrylic boardWe have set up.

Request to patients

1) In the waiting roomhand disinfectionBody temperature measurement

2)37.5℃ or higherBody temperature and presence or absence of cold symptoms


Untitled 30_20210610121929.jpg

Automatic hand sanitizer.

When you come to the hospital, please disinfect your hands by holding them over the sprayer.

Measures during treatment

1) During acupuncture treatmentWearing gloves

2) During cosmetic acupuncture treatmentWearing a face guard

3) Disposable (acupuncture needles, petri dishes, sheets,

Use tweezers/pillow cover)

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