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heartfromsmileTreatment that can help you.

​through Harikyuu

​ Those who did not improve no matter where they went
Please try it once
​We are waiting for your use.

Latest information
-New Information-

​About our hospital

- About us -

Staying healthy is the most important thing to do in your daily life, including work, study, and hobbies.

Acupuncture treatment removes pain and discomfort from the body,

Aiming to help you reach a state where you can smile from the bottom of your heart​"Koel Acupuncture Clinic"I named it.

​We will treat each patient with sincerity, putting ourselves in the patient's shoes.

​Staff introduction

- Staff introduction -

​Director: Yoshifumi Sugimoto

Yoshifumi Sugimoto, Ph.D.


​Vice Director: Haruka Yamagami

Haruka Yamagami


- Reception time -
Reception timetable.png

*Closed on Tuesdays, Saturday afternoons, and public holidays.

*Our clinic requires reservations. Please make a reservation via web reservation, LINE reservation, telephone, or email.

​ *Subject to change due to lectures, etc.


Infectious disease countermeasures

- Infection control measures -

Our hospital is registered as a ``Safe and Secure Facility'' in Aichi Prefecture's efforts to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Treatment information

- Treatment information -

​We introduce the diseases, symptoms, and indications that our hospital specializes in.

Price information

- Price information -

This is the page for our hospital's "treatment menu" and "price information." We have treatments tailored to your needs.

​Contact us

-- Contact Me -

​For any questions or inquiries, please use this contact form. We also accept applications from LINE official accounts.


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