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What is pediatric acupuncture?

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If your child has these symptoms

Are you worried?

Baby crying at night, worried mother.png

​"I have a hard time crying at night..."

​ "I'm having trouble sleeping..."

​ "I keep wetting the bed..."

​"You catch a cold easily"

​ "My allergic symptoms are severe..."

​"I keep having constipation..."

​“I want you to grow up with a body that can withstand colds!” etc.

-The treatment uses non-penetrating acupuncture needles that stimulate in a gentle stroke-

​Children have more sensitive skin than adults, so

​ Doing the same treatments as adults puts a strain on your body

I won't give it away.

​As a treatment method, non-piercing acupuncture (a needle with a rounded tip that does not penetrate the skin)

Treatment will be performed using ​.

​Children who received treatment with this non-piercing acupuncture

Relax and look kinder,

Sometimes I fall asleep.

​Children are sensitive to stimuli, so

​The treatment takes about 5 to 10 minutes.


🌷Target age for pediatric acupuncture​🌷

​2-3 months old to elementary school student

[Scene of the treatment]


[Non-piercing acupuncture used by our hospital ♪]


If you are worried about your child,

Please feel free to contact our hospital.

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